The Delicious Waffles that brightens up your day

Today I am going to describe two absolutely delicious waffles that will light up your day. The creator of these superb sweet dishes is none other than the The Butlers Chocolate Cafe Bangladesh. Without further ado, let’s introduce the first one. The first one is called the “Chocolate & Berry Waffles”. this fantastic dessert is single layered waffles topped with delicious berry compote and served with Butler’s signature chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Have a look at this beauty:

waffleThe blend of chocolate and berry compote blends in mouth and with adding the whipped cream on top, creates a perfect balance. They give also a silky chocolate syrup in a small pitcher if you want to make it extra chocolaty.

The Second one is called “Butlers Signature Waffles”. This Waffle is crispy Belgian style served with Butlers signature chocolate sauce and with Vanilla ice cream. The is much simple looking than the first one but you know the term- “The simpler it is the better it is”. The combination of Butlers signature chocolate and the vanilla ice cream is out of the world.

waffle 1

We recommend both of the waffles, both are exceptionally good.

Food Hunters Review (For both Chocolate & Berry and Butler’s Signature Waffles):

Chocolate and berry waffle

Price: Around 400 BDT (Both)

Location: Butlers Chocolate Cafe Bangladesh |175 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.

The Creamy Crème Brûlé

Do you have a sweet tooth and a craving for a fine but like dessert? Today, we take you to the Indian Bengal, Calcutta to Café Mezzuna for a creamy Crème Brule delight. This little bundle of joy is made from vanilla beans with a light caramel crust on top served with almond biscotti. A perfect end to any meal; if you are at Forum Mall, pop in here for a sweet delight.

The Creamy Cream Brule

Food Hunters Review:

The Creamy Cream Brule Rating

Price: Around 280 INR


Café Mezzuna

4th Floor, Forum Mall,

10/3, Elgin Road, Kolkata,

West Bengal 700020, India

The Chocolate Lava Cake

For the chocolate lovers, this dessert dish is heaven in a plate. This is my favorite type of dessert which is a perfect combination of fire and ice.  A warm chocolate cake with beautiful silky chocolate lava inside and to balance it’s warmth, there is a vanilla ice-cream sitting just next to it, and finally to make it picture perfect, it is decorated with cream, chocolate syrup and a chocolate dipped cherry on top. Yes, I was describing the perfect “The Chocolate Lava Cake” of the famous dessert chain shop “Swensens“. The presentation of this delicious dish is truly a treat for the eyes.


Food Hunters Review:

Choco lava Rating

Price: Around 170 THB



222/1270 Phetchaburi Road

Bangkok, Thailand


The Chic Chocolate Waffle

Good news for waffle lovers! We have found another awesome waffle place for you! Introducing you to the delicious “Chocolate Waffle” of the Taiwan’s bakery chain “Poplar“. Like other Waffle places, they don’t have many variety of waffles in their menu because they are more into the bakery section (they are specialists of producing various types of flavored Bread, Pastry & Cake items); but this waffle sure is delicious! It is double layered with cream inside and beautifully decorated with sliced banana and a full scoop of chocolate ice cream on the top. Most of the places usually serve single layered waffles and gives the syrup separately.


Food Hunters Review:


Price: Around 380 BDT



Level 5, Jamuna Future Park,

Beside Blockbuster Cinema.


This is a dream wagon for all of you out there with a sweet tooth, especially those with a soft corner for creams. Let me introduce a Portuguese dessert, that is a specialty of Macau, made in Bangladesh by none other than the “Munchkin Dhaka”. “Munchkin Dhaka” is an online Facebook based food shop who delivers this Portuguese delicacy right at your door step. Not only that, they have customized their version with four different types of cream, a layer of biscuits and with homemade chocolate cake. They make two sizes of Serradura to cater the need of customers. This is highly addictive and highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth.


Food Hunters Review:

serradura rating

Price: Standard Box: 400 BDT & Small Box 250 BDT

Location: Online (Munchkin Dhaka)