The Mouthwatering Steak Platter

Hi Steak Lovers! Last time we have introduced you the classic pepper steak of Spaghetti jazz and this time we introduce to you another tender, perfectly prepped, mouthwatering pepper stake and an absolutely delicious boneless chicken stake. These two steaks were put in platter with spicy rice and vegetables and with a mexican delicacy named “Desert Rose”. This was offered at the time of Ramadan. Usually, at Ramadan offers most restaurants dishes goes slightly down from their mark but this platter was spot on to the perfection. Without further a-do let me reveal the name of the place. The platter presented below is prepared by Woodhouse Grill, a very small steak house located at the heart of Banani 11.

Steak at Woodhouse

Food Hunters Review:

Steak of wood house grill

Price: Around 1200 BDT

Location: Woodhouse Grill | Holding 99, C Block, Road 11, Banani

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Juicy Pepper Steak

Attention all steak lovers! The last time we wrote about steak, it was about the Crème de la crème of steak. This time, we want to share with you a bit on one of Dhaka cities’ most popular sizzling steaks. Look no further, Spaghetti Jazz is here. Being one of Dhaka’s oldest and a very consistent restaurant, it is a popular spot for families, couples and business dinners. The dish we present to you today is one that I always have whenever I go there; The Pepper Steak

The is brought on a sizzling platter, which includes a prime cut of tender beef (local) cooked to your liking, served with mashed potatoes/fries, buttered vegetables and some noodles. If you are person who is particular about the cook then PLEASE NOTE: the steak comes on a sizzler platter which is very hot so it keeps on cooking the steak. I tend to order medium rare and as soon as the dish is brought to me I remove the steak from the sizzler platter and put it down on a plate so it does not cook any further. The steak on the other hand is just delicious in flavour with a beautiful thick pepper sauce poured over it and they serve a pretty decent mash as well. Happy Hunting!

P.S. The lighting at the restaurant is not that great so kindly forgive the picture/video quality. I assure you it looks better up front.


Food Hunters Review:

The Juicy Pepper Steak

Price: Around 910 BDT

Location: Spaghetti Jazz | Rob Bhaban | 4th floor | Gulshan Circle II | Dhaka 1212


The Crème De La Crème of Steak

Attention all steak lovers! I have heard numerous complaints of how steak in Dhaka is not up to the mark either by quality of meat or by taste or by the cook. This is true to a certain extent however, do not discount our beloved city as it may surprise you when you least expect. At the heart of the capital is The Westin Dhaka, and on the top floor with stunning views of the Dhaka skyline is Prego– a signature Italian restaurant that is elegant and brings the artistic flavours of Italy, directly to Dhaka. The dish we bring to you is the Da Vinci of steaks; Australian 120 day grain fed Tenderloin of 230gm served with onion rings, mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables. Along with it comes the most delicious choice of sauces; Béarnaise, Dijon Mustard Butter, Mushroom or Peppercorn. If you are person who is particular about the cook and appreciates good quality meat you must try this at least once. The meat is cooked to perfection just the way you like it melting in your mouth with every bite leaving you wanting a little more. Accompanied with the sauce it is a match made in heaven.

The Creme of Steak

Food Hunters Review:

Beef Tenderloin Teppanyaki

Price: Around 3750 BDT

Location: Prego| The Westin | Main Gulshan Avenue, Plot-01, Road 45, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212

Meet the Meat Lover’s Passion

You all have heard about sugar surge, but have you heard about protein surge? That one time you are so craving for meat that you just cannot see any thing in front of you but steaks, drumsticks and ribs! If that’s the case then good old Tony Roma’s is the place you wanna hit. One of the town’s finest meat lovers den to quench your thrust for protein. I have tried their “Bountiful Beef Ribs and 1/4 BBQ chicken” with two side dishes- Coleslaw and French Fries and found it delicious. There are very few restaurants in Dhaka city where you can find Ribs, that’s why it’s not as easy to compare like Burgers or Pizzas. None the less, taste wise it is very good and I will definitely go there again to try the other items.


Food Hunters Review:

tony roma rating

Price: Around 1350 BDT


H/N# NEB(3B), Road#74, Gulshan#2
Dhaka, Bangladesh