Danish Fish & Chips

Calling all the Fish & Chips lovers. This is your lucky day. If you are craving for a fish & chips menu and wondering where to eat a proper fish & chips meal; think no more! Go straight to Gulshan 1 “Fish & Co. Bangladesh” and order one from the seven different choices of fish & chips menu. I usually order the “Danish Fish & Chips” as this is my personal favorite.  I just love to sink my teeth in this beautifully prepared Dory fillet topped with lemon butter sauce oozing with generous portion of mozzarella in every single bite. In my own opinion, they make one of the most beautiful lemon butter sauce.  It goes so very well with the Dory fish as well as the french fries. A small hint: Before you start eating, just squeeze the wedge of tangerine over your fish to get a even better taste. Enjoy!


Food Hunters Review:

Danish Fish & CHIPS RATING

Price: Around 780 BDT

Location: Fish & Co. Bangladesh | Crystal Palace, 22 Gulshan South Avenue, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Whole Fish With Green Curry

We have tried various different types of Thai curries with chicken, duck, mussels, beef and prawns but the dish we bring to you today is a bit different. Using one of the most famous curries, the green curry, the Beach Lounge restaurant situated in the lush islands of Koh Pha Ngan bring to you a twist. The whole fish is deep fried and then cooked with a beautiful, smooth, rich and creamy green curry sauce which is bursting with flavour. Out of all the green curries tried before, this is the first time we have come across a green curry prepared in this fashion and I must say it was very delicious. Friendly service, affordable prices, and mouthwatering curry; the perfect combination to a hearty meal.

The Whole fish with Green Curry

Food Hunters Review:

The Whole Fish with Green Curry rating

Price: 440 THB

Location: BeachLounge | 89/1 Moo 1, Thong Sala Village | Soi San Chao, Thong Sala Beach, Ko Pha Ngan

The Masala Lobster

Today, we will take you to our own sandy beaches of Cox’s Bazaar to a place not known by many, but a place which remains packed with visiting tourists. When in Cox’s Bazaar, Himchori is one of the famous sightseeing spots to visit and on the way are some good spots to eat. One such is Sun Dancer Café & Restaurant.  This cozy little place serves very fresh sea food along with local traditional dishes and the dish we bring in front of you today is The Masala Lobster. As the name sounds, this dish is delicious, packed with Bengali flavour, made spicy just to your liking and cooked to perfection. Pair it with rice or roti and a cold drink and you have the perfect combination. They could however take a shot at improving their presentation.


Food Hunters Review:

Masala Lobster

Price: Around 1200 BDT (300BDT per 100gm)

Location: Sun Dancer Café & Restaurant | Marine Drive Road | Himchori, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

The Chili & Lime Snapper

We have written quite a lot about the amazing Thai food in Thailand but our very own beloved Dhaka city can also bring you some good Thai food when desired. From the vast menu of Soi 71 we bring you a very famous local Thai dish, the steamed fish with chili and lime. This dish is very close to the local dish available all over Thailand in terms of taste and flavor. However, the only thing that is missing is the fragrance of the Thai lemon but in no way does that reduce the flavor that this dish packs. Every mouthful gives you a punch with chili, lime and ginger and most of all, the fish was cooked beautifully with the flesh falling of the bone.  At any point in time if you are missing the local cuisine available on the streets of Bangkok, this restaurant can provide the dishes to fill that void.

The Chili & Lime Snapper

Food Hunters Review:

The Chili & Lime Snapper Rating

Price: Around 1150 BDT

Location: Soi 71 | Concord Baksh Tower, 11/A Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Dhaka 1212

Fresh Fried Fritters

Looking for a finger licking appetizer before you jump in to the main course? If the answer is yes, then I have got a good one for you. Try these finger licking fritters. Presenting you the fresh fried Shrimp Fritters from one of my favorite restaurant in Bangkok – Yana. the restaurant is located in the 5th floor of the famous MBK Mall and is famous for it’s Halal Thai foods. This is not just a great appetizer but can also be a nifty finger food. It is always served hot and crispy with some garden fresh vegetables along with a sweet & sour dip.

Shrimp Fritters-Yana

Food Hunters Review:

Shrimp fritters Rating

Price: Around 200 THB


Yana Restaurant Thai & International Halal Food
MBK Center 5th Floor, Tokyu Side, Room No. 5A-05
444 Phayathai Rd. Wangmai Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

The Catch of the Day

If you are up for some sea food in Dhaka and have no idea where to go, then you are exactly in the same position as me. Our beautiful city somehow breeds heaps of restaurants but lacks one serving good quality seafood. However recently, we have had a couple of international chains opening up so we do have some choices at least. The dish we bring to you today is from one of the longstanding restaurants in Dhaka and one that we regularly have been visiting over the years; Saltz. The dish presented above is the Catch of the Day, which is a whole fish (Sea bass, Mackerel, Pom-fret or Red Snapper) cooked in a style of your preference (pan fried, steamed, deep-fried or grilled) with a sauce of your choice. It’s always best to ask the staff which fish is the freshest and go for that one. We prefer to have it grilled with butter-garlic. The fish that you are seeing is a Red Snapper by the way. Considering the fact that Dhaka is not situated next to a sea or ocean Saltz do quite a good job in serving seafood in terms of freshness and flavour. However, their presentation could do with some work. Enjoy!

Catch of the Day

Food Hunters Review:

Catch of the day rating

Price: Around 1000 BDT

Location: Saltz | 8 Gulshan North Ave, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh


The Classic Fish n’ Chips

There are not many restaurants in Dhaka solely dedicated for sea food. Moreover, there are only two international sea-food chain. So, if you are craving for a classic Fish n’ Chips with a beautiful dip, you have limited options to try. But, fortunately, both of the two international chains that we have in Dhaka makes absolutely delicious fish n’ chips. Today, I am going to tell about the famous Manhattan Fish Market‘s Fish n’ Chips. For their Fish n’ Chips, they use hand-battered fish fillets (usually Dory, but up gradable to Hake, Cherry Snapper, Ocean Perch, Salmon & Cod) drizzled with delicious Garlic Herb sauce, complemented with chips and a side salad. This is clear under-the-sea favorite for any sea food lover.


Food Hunters Review:

Fisn n Chips rating

Price: Around 650 BDT (Dori), 850 BDT (Hake), 700 BDT (Cherry Snapper), 1100 BDT (Ocean Pearch), 1300 BDT (Salmon), 1050 BDT (Cod)


Manhattan Fish Market

Ahmed Tower No.28-30

Kemal Ataturk Avenue

Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh