Danish Fish & Chips

Calling all the Fish & Chips lovers. This is your lucky day. If you are craving for a fish & chips menu and wondering where to eat a proper fish & chips meal; think no more! Go straight to Gulshan 1 “Fish & Co. Bangladesh” and order one from the seven different choices of fish & chips menu. I usually order the “Danish Fish & Chips” as this is my personal favorite.  I just love to sink my teeth in this beautifully prepared Dory fillet topped with lemon butter sauce oozing with generous portion of mozzarella in every single bite. In my own opinion, they make one of the most beautiful lemon butter sauce.  It goes so very well with the Dory fish as well as the french fries. A small hint: Before you start eating, just squeeze the wedge of tangerine over your fish to get a even better taste. Enjoy!


Food Hunters Review:

Danish Fish & CHIPS RATING

Price: Around 780 BDT

Location: Fish & Co. Bangladesh | Crystal Palace, 22 Gulshan South Avenue, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Mouthwatering Steak Platter

Hi Steak Lovers! Last time we have introduced you the classic pepper steak of Spaghetti jazz and this time we introduce to you another tender, perfectly prepped, mouthwatering pepper stake and an absolutely delicious boneless chicken stake. These two steaks were put in platter with spicy rice and vegetables and with a mexican delicacy named “Desert Rose”. This was offered at the time of Ramadan. Usually, at Ramadan offers most restaurants dishes goes slightly down from their mark but this platter was spot on to the perfection. Without further a-do let me reveal the name of the place. The platter presented below is prepared by Woodhouse Grill, a very small steak house located at the heart of Banani 11.

Steak at Woodhouse

Food Hunters Review:

Steak of wood house grill

Price: Around 1200 BDT

Location: Woodhouse Grill | Holding 99, C Block, Road 11, Banani

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Delicious Waffles that brightens up your day

Today I am going to describe two absolutely delicious waffles that will light up your day. The creator of these superb sweet dishes is none other than the The Butlers Chocolate Cafe Bangladesh. Without further ado, let’s introduce the first one. The first one is called the “Chocolate & Berry Waffles”. this fantastic dessert is single layered waffles topped with delicious berry compote and served with Butler’s signature chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Have a look at this beauty:

waffleThe blend of chocolate and berry compote blends in mouth and with adding the whipped cream on top, creates a perfect balance. They give also a silky chocolate syrup in a small pitcher if you want to make it extra chocolaty.

The Second one is called “Butlers Signature Waffles”. This Waffle is crispy Belgian style served with Butlers signature chocolate sauce and with Vanilla ice cream. The is much simple looking than the first one but you know the term- “The simpler it is the better it is”. The combination of Butlers signature chocolate and the vanilla ice cream is out of the world.

waffle 1

We recommend both of the waffles, both are exceptionally good.

Food Hunters Review (For both Chocolate & Berry and Butler’s Signature Waffles):

Chocolate and berry waffle

Price: Around 400 BDT (Both)

Location: Butlers Chocolate Cafe Bangladesh |175 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.

The Italian Bruschetta

If you have lived long enough in Dhaka City you must have visited Spaghetti Jazz, and if you have not then you should go there at least once to try it out.  Being one of Dhaka’s oldest and a very consistent restaurant, it is a popular spot for families, couples and business dinners. The dish we present to you today is an appetizer and a dish adored by Italians; the Bruschetta

Bruschetta is an antipasto from Italy consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt. The one that is available here is actually tweaked to our liking and is very delicious. They serve four pieces, which is enough to share between couples and is very light, just perfect as a starter which could also be paired with a soup setting you up for a delicious main.


Food Hunters Review:

The Italian Bruschetta

Price: Around 910 BDT

Location: Spaghetti Jazz | Rob Bhaban | 4th floor | Gulshan Circle II | Dhaka 1212

The Juicy Pepper Steak

Attention all steak lovers! The last time we wrote about steak, it was about the Crème de la crème of steak. This time, we want to share with you a bit on one of Dhaka cities’ most popular sizzling steaks. Look no further, Spaghetti Jazz is here. Being one of Dhaka’s oldest and a very consistent restaurant, it is a popular spot for families, couples and business dinners. The dish we present to you today is one that I always have whenever I go there; The Pepper Steak

The is brought on a sizzling platter, which includes a prime cut of tender beef (local) cooked to your liking, served with mashed potatoes/fries, buttered vegetables and some noodles. If you are person who is particular about the cook then PLEASE NOTE: the steak comes on a sizzler platter which is very hot so it keeps on cooking the steak. I tend to order medium rare and as soon as the dish is brought to me I remove the steak from the sizzler platter and put it down on a plate so it does not cook any further. The steak on the other hand is just delicious in flavour with a beautiful thick pepper sauce poured over it and they serve a pretty decent mash as well. Happy Hunting!

P.S. The lighting at the restaurant is not that great so kindly forgive the picture/video quality. I assure you it looks better up front.


Food Hunters Review:

The Juicy Pepper Steak

Price: Around 910 BDT

Location: Spaghetti Jazz | Rob Bhaban | 4th floor | Gulshan Circle II | Dhaka 1212


The Crispy Prawn Cheung Fun

Attention all dim sum lovers! If you are on a trip to Kolkata, then you must visit YAUATCHA, and try their Crispy Prawn Cheung Fun. Apart from the numerous dim sums and dumplings they serve, the Cheung Fun that they prepare is just to die for. Served with chili oil on the side, this Cheung Fun is soft, moist, melting in your mouth delicious and great to share with another.  YAUATCHA is well known for its dumplings or dim sums and its desserts. It is a gem in the culinary quest of Kolkata and has been on every food lover’s must-visit list. They have a pretty diverse dim sum, dumpling and Cheung Fun menu so you will surely be spoilt for choices.


Food Hunters Review:

Crispy Prawn Rating

Price: Around INR 655

Address: YAUATCHA | Quest Mall | Kolkata

The Poached Peking Dumpling

Kolkata’s love for food is no secret and the affection it showers to good food joints is widely known. During our trip over the long holiday this April we visited YAUATCHA, which is a Michelin-starred restaurant from London and is the fourth Indian city to be present in after Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The dish we present to you is one we always order without miss, the Poached Peking Dumpling. The dish consists of three light dumplings, steamed to perfection, swimming in a beautiful broth of Soy sauce and other herbs and spices to bring together an explosion of flavours with every bite. We love eating here as we end up having a light meal usually before catching a movie next door.


Food Hunters Review:

Dumpling Rating

Price: Around INR 415

Address: YAUATCHA | Quest Mall | Kolkata

The Succulent Chicken Tikka

When it comes to a good kabab, I just cannot resist and during this short trip to Kolkata I was lucky enough to try one of the most succulent chicken tikka I have ever tasted. This was at the number 1 restaurant in Kolkata; Dum Pukht. Being at the top for a while now and serving exquisite food, what can I say? This chicken tikka was everything you can ask for. Every piece is perfectly cooked and spiced throughout, just melting in your mouth with the flavours dancing on your palette. Every bite leaves you craving for some more. The picture that you see was consumed entirely by me. This is a fine dining restaurant so it is a bit pricey but worth it.

P.S. I have mentioned this in a previous post but have to mention it again; hats off to their staff for impeccable service.

Chiken TIkka

Food Hunters Review:

Chicken tikka

Price: Around INR 1350

Address: Dum Pukht |  ITC Sonar| Kolkata (Calcutta)

The Colorful Doi-Futchka

Well, who does not like Doi Futchka?? In my opinion, most of us are a big fan of this food. Although its availability is abundant, but they are not very hygienic and well presented in most places. Today I am going to recommend a place for you guys for this all time favorite food of ours. The Doi-Futchka that I am going to recommend not only tastes good, but presentation wise is also top-notch. This place adds color to their Doi-Futchka to make them look more appealing. They serve it in a leaf shaped clay plate and believe me guys, the look of it is mouth watering. The place where you will get this awesome treat is none other than the Premium Sweets of Gulshan 2 circle. Just to let you know, the colorful Futhckas tastes just like normal Futhckas, because there are no added flavor with the color. They just do it for the decoration. So what are waiting for?? Go and taste it today.


Food Hunters Review:

Colorful Doi Futchka

Price: Around 200 BDT

Location: Premium Sweets | Plot No 22 Gulshan 2 Circle| Dhaka, Bangladesh


The Peri Peri Chicken Livers & Portuguese Roll

Nando’s has always been a favourite for Dhakaites whether it is an outing with friends, family or partner. We love the flame grilled chicken, with the Peri Peri sauce and chips on the side with a chilled drink, but there is more to Nando’s than flame grilled chicken. One of our favourite dishes here is the Peri Peri Chicken Livers served with a soft and hot Portuguese Roll. It can be ordered as per your liking of flavour and trust us this dish is to die for. We have been going to the Nando’s at Gulshan 2 and they always manage to prepare this dish perfectly, with the chicken being moist and spicy, melting in your mouth just with the right amount of heat of chili paired with fresh and warm Portuguese bread roll. Enjoy!

Food Hunters Review:


Food Hunters Review:

Liver and Bread

Price: BDT 250

Location: Nando’s  |House No.175/A | Gulshan 2 | Dhaka 1229