The Chili & Lime Snapper

We have written quite a lot about the amazing Thai food in Thailand but our very own beloved Dhaka city can also bring you some good Thai food when desired. From the vast menu of Soi 71 we bring you a very famous local Thai dish, the steamed fish with chili and lime. This dish is very close to the local dish available all over Thailand in terms of taste and flavor. However, the only thing that is missing is the fragrance of the Thai lemon but in no way does that reduce the flavor that this dish packs. Every mouthful gives you a punch with chili, lime and ginger and most of all, the fish was cooked beautifully with the flesh falling of the bone.  At any point in time if you are missing the local cuisine available on the streets of Bangkok, this restaurant can provide the dishes to fill that void.

The Chili & Lime Snapper

Food Hunters Review:

The Chili & Lime Snapper Rating

Price: Around 1150 BDT

Location: Soi 71 | Concord Baksh Tower, 11/A Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Dhaka 1212

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