The French Chicken Cordon Bleu

Well, you don’t see cordon blue in the menu in most of the restaurants in Dhaka city. European items are like these are still not very popular in this fast growing food industry of Bangladesh. A Cordon Bleu is basically a dish of meat wrapped around cheese or Meet with cheese filling, whichever sounds appropriate. The French term “Cordon Bleu” is translated as “Blue Ribbon”, as per history, cordon bleu was originally a wide blue ribbon worn by members of the highest order of knighthood. Ok, enough with the history of the food! let’s cut to the chase. I was delighted to find this delicacy named “French Classic Cordon Bleu” in “Cafe Florentine“, a beautifully decorated cafe located in Tejgaon area. Cordon Blue was served with garden fresh salad and French fries. Taste wise it was worth the price but presentation could have been a little cleaner in my opinion.

Frenc Cordon Bleu

Food Hunters Review:

Cordon Belu Rating

Price: Around 650 BDT


Cafe Florentine,

191/ A Mir Sawkat Sarak, Gulshan Link Road

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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