The Croissant Egg Benedict

Having a dull weekend morning?? The usual breakfast is making you frustrated? I would suggest you to kick your self outside with your loved one, go to The White Canary Cafe, order their  Croissant Egg Benedict, look at the delicious sunny side of the egg, and make your day sunnier! Believe me, this simple looking Egg Benedict will change your morning. The grilled chicken salami, the oven fresh buttery smell of the croissant, the perfect poached egg and the spot-on Hollandaise Sauce will take you to another planet! This is one of my favorite morning dishes and I recommend every one of you to try it.


Food Hunters Review:

egg benedict review

Price: Around 400 BDT (For Chicken) and Around 500 BDT (For Salmon)


The White Canary Cafe

40/8 North Avenue, Gulshan 2

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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