The Twisted Pizza

Well, Pizza is one of the most frequent and common fast food that everybody loves. Being most common, it is very hard to differentiate and create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in pizzas. Although taste wise it varies from brand to brand but look wise, it is pretty hard to differentiate. Few days back, I came across this different looking pizza. I was just trying my luck with online home made shops and fortunately stumbled upon this unique pizza. This pizza is called the “Star Double Layer Pizza” by Salma’z Kitchen. As the name says, it is a double layer pizza filled with cheese blended by two layers of crust.


Well after opening the box, I found the look of the pizza absolutely stunning. In terms of taste, in my opinion, it lacked sufficient stuffing. I felt just too much crust. If few adjustments are made, this could be one of the best sellers of the town.

Food Hunters Review:

twisted pizza review

Price: Around 650 BDT

Location: Online (Salma’z Kitchen)


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