The Pitch Black Softie

Fond of colourful softies?? How about the colour “Black”?? Interesting isn’t it? If you are a traveler who loves bizarre and unorthodox food, or if you just love to try different shades of food and love to make a memory out of it; “Demi-Concept” is the place where you might want to stop by. “Demi-Concept” is one of many food carts sitting in front of the “Platinum Fashion Mall”.  They usually have two versions of this: One is pure black and another one is the Mix. The pure black softie is actually simple vanilla flavoured ice cream made black by using coconut ash. For the mix they use different flavoured ice cream, e.g: mango or matcha (Green-tea) to make it look absolutely stunning. They also use different types of cookies to make it look yummier.

Food Hunters Review:

Black Softie Rating

Price: Around 100 THB



In front of Platinum Fashion Mall,

Pratunam, Bangkok

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