Greetings, Food Hunters

Firstly, a heartfelt thanks to you for joining our safari into the world of exquisite and delicious food. We are two couples: Shaker-Sumaiya & Aleef-Mehreen from Bangladesh, who were brought together by our like-minded interests in traveling & tasting different delicacies of food. Here we aim to highlight great food, praise the people dedicated to feed us well, and get readers to talk about what they are eating. Our like-mindedness did not end at choices in food and traveling, but also in the way we planned holidays, places to eat, dishes to try etc. This has led us to creating this blog which has been something we wished to do for a long time and share our amazing culinary journey and experiences with you.So sit back, relax and let this be a guide for those who love to explore different cities and taste the best this world has to offer.

Happy reading our common minded food lover!